Israel’s enchanting trio “Shalosh” at the Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival


More than 350 unbelievable concerts in international festival and prestigious stages in only four years of activity, 3 fantastic albums praised by jazz critics, unbelievable mix of piano, drum and contrabass sounds and total devotion to music - all of this is about the group “Shalosh” from Israel. These subtle music genius will enchant the audience with an oasis of quality and sounds at the 25th Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival on June 6th-8th.

“At first glance they might look like a classical jazz trio made up of piano, contrabass and drums however Shalosh is much more than that. They draw attention to themselves with their special musicality, easeness, esthetic as well as the way they enchant the listener from the very first accord and harmony. Unlike in many other collectives there is no leader here, all three musicians are equals who make up one single whole where the most attention is given to way music is performed full of dynamic passion and subtle details”– states the organizer of the Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival Inga Grubliauskienė.

After the first break up of the group, long personal searches of self and solo concerts at the local jazz scene, in 2014 two childhood friends Gadi Stern (piano) and Matan Assayag (drums) decided more time to a establish a group and call it “Shalosh”. Not long after a third member by the name of David Michaeli (contrabass) joined the group who at the time was bright and up and coming musician in Israel. Combining classical, electronica, African and Asian musical styles, the trio full of originality quickly gained the success and international attention.

Towards the end of 2014 the group released their debut album “The Bell Garden” and received quite the amount of attention and recognition not only in Israel but as well as on an international level. The music of Shalosh is frequently played on the internet as well as on radio stations in Israel, Brazil, England, Poland, Germany, Austria, and the USA. The group toured the whole world while their album was being sold in store in their home country of Israel as well as in Europe, USA and even Japan.

Their second album was quite a success as well, one of the most famous radio stations in Japan called in a masterpiece and the largest European jazz magazine selected it as one of the of best albums of 2017. After the release of the album the group went on another tour where they performed at the largest venues of such countries as Japan, Korea, and Europe as well as playing a multitude of festivals such as „Palatia Jazz festival“, „Enjoy Jazz festival“, „Jarasum Jazz Festival“, „Salzburg Jazz Festival“ and many more.

After recording their third album in Switzerland in 2018 the group came up with a new goal, to as much as possible destroy barriers between the audience and the intellectual music being performed. Not abandoning their musical style as well as staying true to themselves, the group has managed to balance their music in such a way that despite their formal background, the unique blend of their instruments leaves a lasting impression on the listener.