Jazz for adults at the Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, brought by Jazz In Kiev Band and Laura Marti

Jazz In Kiev Band and Laura Marti

The 25th Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival taking place on June 6th-8th will be free to all and we invite you to listen to some quality and energetic jazz from the Ukraine brought to you by “Jazz in Kiev Band” and Laura Marti.

“Aleksej Kogan and his group “Jazz in Kiev Band” together with the charming jazz vocalist Laura Marti mix classical jazz with feverish Latin American rhythms, funk and soul and top off this musical cocktail with passionate vocals. “Jazz in Kiev Band” are one of the best jazz groups in Ukraine who due to their professionalism are frequent guests in various festivals all over the world” - states the organizer of the Klaipeda Jazz Festival Inga Grubliauskienė.

With a strong and rich voice the vocalist Laura Marti is a composer as well as an author of the lyrics. From her roots Laura is Armenian which explains her unique ability to perform her songs in six different languages. After finishing her jazz piano and composition classes, Laura Marti became a winner of several international and Ukrainian compositions contests as well as she has collaborated with many famous musicians and participated in such festivals as Lotos Jazz Festival“, „Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa“, „Alfa Jazz Fest“, „Jazz Koktebel“, „Art-Jazz Cooperation“, „Mek Mshakujt“ and many more.

Aleksei Kogan is called the “man of Jazz” not without reason. He is a musicologist, festival organizer, a radio host with thirty years of experience, a lecturer and of course the leader and founder of “Jazz in Kiev Band”. The base virtuoso who has dedicated his whole life to jazz says: “I have always liked jazz for simple reason – when in 1971 I went to a Duke Ellington concert, I understood then that a real jazz musician will never perform a piece the same twice. Never, the musician will always bring something new. And that is the biggest pleasure. That is the desire for absolute freedom. „Jazz in Kiev Band“ is made up of: Vladimir Kaminskij (keys), Michail Mendelenko (guitar), Artiom Mendelenko (saxophone), Valerij Volkov (percussion) and Aleksej Kogan (bass guitar), Laura Marti – vocals.