One of the most famous Poland‘s bassists on the Klaipeda festival‘s scene – Wojtek Pilichowski

Wojtek Pilichowski

Quickly approaching 25th Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival‘s fiesta promises to be truly engaging and will leave everyone in awe. On this year‘s scene we‘ll witness one of the most welcome guests in the world's most famous jazz festivals, truly a bass guitar virtuoso – Wojtek Pilichowski.

„Sincere, real and an original sound to his music possesing Wojtek Pilichowski is one of the most famous Poland‘s bass guitar virtuoso‘s and jazz music‘s revolutionaries. Also very important is that with his music he brings an important message that encourages everyone to drop their artificial masks and just be themselves. Just pulsating with energy, the performer tends to experiment, look incredibly creatively at his every performance, because of that we just can‘t wait to witness him at our festival‘s stage“, – said Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival‘s organizer Inga Grubliauskiene.

Born in Poland, Wojtek Pilichowski bass guitar‘s journey started when he was just 14 years old. Push into the musical road by his mom and grandpa, the performer started going to a musical school, listened and played music of various genres and in such a way tried to find himself. The performer acknowledged, that while his teachers were professionals, his real mentors and inspirations, that totally changed his view on music, were that time‘s greats: Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Sting, Mark King, Pino Palladino and John Patitucci.

Today Wojtek Pilichowski can call himself not only a composer, a bass guitar virtuoso, a producer, an owner of dozens of various awards, but also an author of a few music textbooks, special mastery camps‘, seminars‘ and lessons‘ initiator and teacher. Also a lot about his diverse professionalism says his colourful biography, that includes 16 solo and more than 200 together with other famous performers albums, that sold more than 6 million copies.