Jubilee stars of the Klaipeda Jazz Festival – Al McKay‘s Earth, Wind & Fire Experience

Al McKay‘s Earth, Wind & Fire Experience

On June 6-8th Lithuania‘s seaport is gonna be flooded by an unique, 25th anniversary Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival proudly presenting one of the this year‘s biggest pearls – former legendary USA band‘s Earth, Wind & Fire member, guitarist virtuoso Al McKay and his project Al McKay‘s Earth, Wind & Fire Experience.

 "Every member of this band maintains the highest level of professionalism, so I have no doubt that their performance is gonna bring fans of the festival back to the legendary band‘s time of reign, but it will also allow them to enjoy this band‘s best music hits characterised by it‘s distinctive `70-80s Earth, Wind & Fire sound‘s reminiscence and it‘s sense of original performance.”- says Inga Grubliauskienė, organizer of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

USA born musician Al McKay can call himself a true veteran of the scene of music. At just 18 years old he performed together with such stars as Ike and Tina Turner, he also appeared on stage together with famous Sammy Davis Jr and became a guitarist of Earth, Wind & Fire, where encouraged by a band‘s leader Maurice White, he started writing his own songs and contributed to the making of this band‘s hits like September, Saturday Nite and Sing A Song.

Today guitarist virtuoso is an owner of multiple platinum records, six Grammy awards, he is a song writer and a producer. Together with his established band Al McKay‘s Allstars he went on a tour, appearing at various nations music festivals with a project Al McKay‘s Earth, Wind & Fire Experience.

Highly acclaimed by jazz critics, this project consists of thirteen most sought after Los Angeles musicians, including former members of the band Earth, Wind & Fire. Originally talented Al McKay got them together for a few special performances in Japan, but later this project‘s purpose and duty became, honouring the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire, maintaining the original quality of this band‘s `70-80s feel and perform their songs so that no one doubts the authenticity of the performance.

Indeed, these days, when so many popular music bands perform well-prepared and well polished musical works with many properly recorded supportive vocals and effects, it‘s really refreshing hearing Al McKay‘s Earth, Wind & Fire Experience‘s live and fresh performances of USA‘s musical legacy.

It‘s notable that they‘re probably the only group, capable of coming close to the original Earth, Wind & Fire band‘s sense of performance and turn the public on without the use of any additional effects, smoke and mirrors, so it is simply just unacceptable to miss this phenomenal project‘s performance at the 25th anniversary Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival!