This year festival’s fresh surprise – Tom Ibarra Band from France

Tom Ibarra

Unrestrainedly approaching 25th Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival presents one more special guest – young, prospective and talented composer and guitarist Tom Ibarra, who on June’s 6-8th is coming to Klaipeda with his band so that while the sun is setting, he could dive festival’s viewers into a spinning twister of jazz, funk and rock style music.

“Tom Ibarra is a lovely and fresh this year festival’s surprise, he’s full of youthful enthusiasm, positivity and undeniable inborn talent. While he’s only 19 years old, on scene he has appeared together with such jazz veterans as Marcus Miller, his ability to virtuosically control a guitar just makes you hold your breath, his each musical piece has a distinctive young musician's touch that sucks you into a distinctive whirl of jazz music sounds. We are very happy and thankful that this concert is being sponsored by French Cultural Institute”, - said Klaipeda Jazz Festival’s organizer Inga Grubliauskienė.

Born in France, Tom Ibarra’s love for guitar was inherited from his first teacher – his grandfather. After he learned jazz and blues basics, being just 11 years old the young musician started making music of his own, participated in various international young talent competitions and festivals, where he was ranked with the highest scores and won numerous awards.

Because of his virtuosity, rich and dynamic compositions, and attention grabbing melodic lines, Tom Ibarra’s talent just can’t be unnoticed. While being just 15 years old he released his debut album 15, was invited to perform on scene with internationally recognized artists: Didier Lockwood, Sylvain Luc, Thomas Enhco, Richard Bona and jazz music‘s legend – Marcus Miller.

In 2018 young composer released his second album greatly rated by Authors and Creators Association called Sparkling, which appeared on 2018 march‘s issue of french jazz magazine called Jazz Magazine and opened the roads to local and Europe‘s radio stations. After such success, Tom Ibarra and his band went on their first tour around Europe.

With his exceptional melody, glowing charisma and undeniable energy, Tom Ibarra charmed not only the highest jazz critics and professionals, but also became the primary artist‘s Algis Kriščiūnas painted 25th festival‘s symbol.